Architectural Series Biowood Big Board Decking

$16.90 (excluding GST)

Architectural series – Biowood Big Board decking retains the natural timber look & feel, is low maintenance and ideal for residential, commercial and nearby marine application.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Termite resistant
  • Flame resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Fungal resistant
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Easy installation (concealed fixings)
  • Trusted brand by Global Green Tag -Level B
  • $16.90 lineal meter + GST (Price is per lineal metre.)
  • Size (W x H mm): 140 x 25 x 5850mm
  • Colour: Black Japan UV Sealed and American Walnut UV Sealed
  • Minimum online order of 5 lengths

100 in stock

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Architectural series – Biowood Big Board Decking retains the natural aesthetic wood look and feel, are termite resistant, water resistant (less than 0.05% water absorption), flame resistant , do not bleach and are proven time tested for residential, commercial and nearby marine application.

Biowood Big Board Decking are designed for cost savings installation, low maintenance and architectural look. It comes in colour of Black Japan UV Sealed (Black Charred) and American Walnut UV Sealed (Brownish Walnut).


Fully recyclable, also suitable for indoor environments. Biowood decking has a very low volatile compound emission at an E1 Rating

Labour Efficient

  • Easy Installation
  • Concealed fixing
  • Lighter than other materials
  • Less manpower needed
  • Long lengths



  • Water | mould | mildew | fungal l flame l termite resistant
  • Will not splinter, crack or warp
  • Proven, time tested suitability for marine, intertidal and salt spray environments
  • UV stable under normal environmental conditions, even in full sun – when coated with Biowood water-based coating


Cost Effective

  • Serviceable Life Warranty – Will perform for the serviceable life of the building when installed in accordance with the methods described


Virtually Low Maintenance

  • Depending on north orientation, coating will last 3 times longer than normal UV coating


Size: 140 x 25 x 5850mm

Further Biowood decking information (including colour options) can be found here: Biowood composite decking

All Biowood products are supplied uncoated. We recommend for all external applications to use a UV protective
coating, “Intergrain/BioSeal UltraDeck UV Protective Coating”. 
Read more about BioSeal Intergrain here.


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